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Why have I created an entire website about Mindfulness?

Mindfulness and Inner Reconciliation is something I’m extremely passionate about. I wanted to share this passion in a simple way that will help you grow as a conscious human being.

That’s the purpose of this website, to inspire you to feel more motivated, empowered, energised and to leave here feeling happier and lighter. It’s my hope that I can share with you simple mindfulness methods for healing and wholeness. I’ve lived a lot in my short life, so maybe I can share some simple things that I’ve learnt and save you some unnecessary suffering. My desire is that I can inspire and encourage within you a sense of inner peace so that you experience the kind of life that you always knew you were meant to live.

Life can seem pretty full on sometimes but I believe that we aren’t here to suffer. We are here to express ourselves in joy and love the experience. There is no magic over-night fix, but what I share here can act as a guide you bring you back towards inner peace.

Love, joy, and happiness is the only reason to live, there’s no higher purpose – Gerald O’Donnell

This site is all about helping you to remember how powerful you are. There is nothing outside of yourself that you need to worship and give your power away to. Instead learn to go within and consciously explore yourself, that’s were all the fun is.

Inner work can be challenging, it takes time and a lot of patience. This site is designed for those who are looking for the deep stuff, real lasting change. This is what you will find here. Not the shallow 7 steps to enlightenment kind of deals.

In the end this is all about you. You are the creator of your reality. I hope this site can help inspire you through simple mindfulness to reclaim your power and happiness, because there’s nothing like feeling true wholeness after suffering for so long.

I can’t teach you to be perfect though because that’s not the point. I can only hope that I can inspire you to onto a path a positive growth.

The main themes for this site are:

Presence – Become aware of a deeper experience.
Love – Deepen your connection with yourself and all those you interact with.
Healing – Bring your alignment back to natural wholeness.
Freedom – Experience a sense of happiness that isn’t a cheat.
Inner Reconciling – Liberating past hurts and becoming compassionate towards yourself.
Inner Peace – Your happiness is not reliant on anything exterior.
True Power – Unapologetic expression of your authentic self.

A word about Mindfulness...

Mindfulness nurtures within you a sense of inner peace that is not affected by anything outside of yourself.

Start with the article mindfulness for dummies and go from there.

Be sure to bookmark this site so you can keep returning, there is a lot of material and I’m constantly putting new stuff up.

Who is Sam Dylan Irwin?

Sam is someone who has lived a lot in his short life. He’s devoted his entire life to conscious inner growth and cultivating inner peace. Check out more here or his personal blog below.
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