Assumptions and Enlightenment

Assumptions rule our lives. They aren’t true but we think they are, that’s why they are an assumption.

We mistake that which is a momentary belief for an absolute truth – all cultures are based on this.

Then we get caught up in the stories, that which we have projected these assumptions on to.

The process of questioning assumptions is absolutely critical to Inner Reconciliation.

I’m interested in going beyond the story, directly to the energy itself. I’m interested in feeling what is actually here within the body.

You might have heard that the body is always in the present moment, and the mind is always in the past or projecting into the future.

This is one of the reasons why the Inner Reconciliation process is so powerful, because we are always bringing the awareness back to the body, back to the present moment, listening directly to the energy in real time.

When you turn inside without an agenda, and not decide in advance what is suppose to be there, to just be present, to listen, to feel…what is happening is that you are dropping your assumptions about what is there.

If you really want to know the root nature of an emotion or sensation and it’s origin, you have to be willing to go into that direct feeling – not a explanation of it, or interpretation, which is all after the fact.

Going directly to the experience itself is the only road for ending assumptions, and the biggest assumption of all is that of who you think you are.

You will soon begin to see yourself for who you really are – they call that awakening, or enlightenment but who cares what the name is.

It is really seeing yourself without the filter of assumptions anymore – that’s all gone.

You now see things directly, intimately and exactly as they are.

Are you willing to question the whole structure of your life? The entire basis on which you’ve lived your life?

The most incredible inner inquiry is to question everything. 




Getting to the Root of Money Blocks


I’ve tried it all. Intensely visualising abundance, diving deep into the law of attraction, EFT money tapping, Deep theta influencing…you name it, I’ve done it! And still I find myself suck in my same limiting money patterns. I’m sure this is a very common feeling to a lot of people on the path of inner work and personal development.

Recently I decided I was going to take a radically different approach. I mean why not, what did I have to lose? I decided I was just going to allow these feelings of discomfort and anxiety around money to be. I wasn’t going to try and fix it, change it, visualise something else, or do anything accept actually FEEL what is going on right in this moment. I mean visualising and that all has its place, but I feel one must first get to the root cause. I decided that I would practice body awareness and go directly to the energy itself with the intention just to listen and see what is actually going on here.

It didn’t take long to experience a pressure in my chest. I stayed with it…

I asked the energy ‘What are you protecting me from?‘ I was shown an image of a 3inch iron shield just above my chest. On the outside was money and financial abundance, and beneath the shield was an image of rolling green hills, a setting sun, birds chirping. This energy said ‘If I have lots of money I can’t be free.’ I felt that it was protecting me and doing it’s job perfectly. But I needed to gently remind it that this danger might be over. I asked it ‘What do you need from me?’ it told me ‘Just listen, just be with me.’

So I stayed with the feeling and the image and soon experienced the immense relief of my nervous system relaxing and beginning to trust me. It was safe. I let it know that I completely honour what it has done for me, it protected me in my past when it needed to, it actually protected the very best part of me, but now the danger is over. Maybe it can be open to a little more freedom. Because that is something we both want. Maybe we can work together with this.

I felt a deep background tension dissipating, a subtle hum that had been with me constantly whenever I thought about money. This energy has it’s deepest roots in the constant back and forth of safety vs freedom.  Notice, never at any stage did I try to fix anything, or have any intention to. I just listened and honoured what was here and let the energy itself speak. This act is the great release in itself, providing a environment where the energy feels safe knowing that you allow everything to be what it is without judgement.

There is another name for that, Unconditional Love, and that is the only place where true healing happens.